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One of the biggest annoyances in high power photography or visual observing is the vibration inherent in any telescope. Touch the focusing knob to sharpen the image, and the telescope shakes and flutters like a leaf in the wind – sometimes for five or six seconds before settling down again. And no matter how gently you approach the job, it’s a real challenge to move a cold and stiff focuser only the precise few thousandths of an inch needed to fine-tune the visual or photographic image – particularly when you’re wearing gloves on a cold fall night, with the focus constantly changing as mirrors cool down and optical tubes contract. Electric focuser's help eliminate these problems.

MicroFocus Electronic Focuser

The MicroFocus Electronic Focusers can move a focuser in as small as 0.5 degree increments to achieve a focusing accuracy impossible to achieve manually. It can also slew from close focus to infinity in a matter of seconds, to eliminate the tedious turn after turn of a Schmidt-Cassegrain focus knob as you try to find any kind of focus after the kids have finished playing with your telescope. Plus, you can allow friends and guests to focus for themselves, without fear of their bumping your scope off target. And, best of all, electronic focuser's provide totally hands-off focusing, so frustrating telescope vibration from groping for the focuser knob in the dark is virtually eliminated. You get faster photographic focusing and more time to observe visually, with less time spent wishing you had a steadier mount. Electronic focuser's simply make observing more fun.



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